The work of The Broom Tree Refuge is sustained through tax deductible donations.

Guests visiting The Broom Tree Refuge contribute as they are able, to help defray the costs of their stay. There are no set charges for using The Broom Tree Refuge. No guests are refused hospitality based solely upon a lack of funds. Missionaries are at times low on support. We do not want finances to prevent anyone from using the ministry's facilities and resources.

Prayer support

The chief support of this Christian ministry is prayer. We serve in the name of our Lord Jesus and it is in His power and name that we find strength to sustain us in ministry to others. Please pray with us for the staff and the needs of The Broom tree Refuge. Write (letter or email) to receive a list of Prayer Requests for the ministry of The Broom Tree Refuge.

Financial contributions

The Broom Tree Refuge has both State and Federal non-profit status (501(c)(3)). As such, any donations to the ministry are tax deductible. This ministry depends upon the Lord's people to provide for on-going operating expenses. Individual gifts and church donations are gratefully received.

Contributions to this work may be sent to:
The Broom Tree Refuge
4001 Sunny Fox Rd.
Mountain View, AR 72560

A letter of thanks and a receipt acknowledging the tax deductible gift will be sent to all donors.

Giving of your time and talents

Some people prefer, or wish, to contribute their time and talents to The Broom Tree Refuge. This type of contribution to the ministry is very much appreciated.

If you would like to give of your time or talents to this ministry, contact The Broom Tree Refuge at the above mailing address, call us at 870-591-6204, 870-591-6710, or e-mail us at

Tell us what you have in mind. We have a list of projects and needs that vary by season. There are on-going needs and some projects. It is best if we talk with you over the telephone or correspond with you concerning your gift of time and talents. Many projects are limited by the availability of funding, others are sensitive to the seasons of the year and if guests are present.


Donate & Support The Broom Tree Refuge