The Staff at Broom Tree Refuge
Mike Ray, MA (Human Resource Development)
Sandi Ray, MA, (Counseling) LPC

Mike and Sandi are stewards and caregivers at The Broom Tree Refuge. Prior to beginning this ministry, they served with Wycliffe Bible Translators for 27 years. During their time with Wycliffe they worked with the Australian Aborigines in areas of translation and administration.

As part of the Wycliffe International Personnel Department, Mike and Sandi both served as career counselors and international team development consultants. They have traveled extensively in Africa, Europe and Asia providing these services to expatriot missionaries and national colleagues involved in Bible translation. Mike's last years with Wycliffe were as a trainer in the International Management Training Dept. Sandi was part of the counseling staff at Wycliffe-USA in Dallas.

Their broad experience within missions and ministry has prepared them to come alongside guests of TBTR in a number of ways; as hosts, counselors, career guides and friends. Sandi is a licensed counselor and a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC); The National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC); and the Arkansas Counseling Association (ArCA).

Churches supporting this ministry:
Riverlakes Church - Bakersfield, CA
Adam & Lanie Ray

Adam, Lanie and Michah Ray moved to Mountain View in 2012. They had made many trips here, and decided they would like to live here. They desired to bring up Michah in a small-town setting, and to come to a job the Lord provided for Lanie at the local funeral home. They also wished to be available to help out at The Broom Tree Refuge.

Adam has been helping out periodically since they arrived in Mountain View. As of January 2016, both Adam and Lanie are now serving as part-time staff. They both bring a combination of gifts and experience that make them ideal for them to be a significant part of The Broom Tree Refuge. Adam grew up on the mission field and understands many of the situations and stresses people are working under. In addition, he is a skilled handyman, for which there is a constant need. Lanie has a heart for coming along side and helping people. She also has wonderful office/computer skills which is also a constant need. They both love interacting with people, which is a big part of the ministry here at The Broom Tree Refuge. We are blessed to have this family here. They have already made a huge contribution by opening up their hearts and their homes to many guests.

Board Members

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Rev. Steve Johnson Mr. Mike Ray Mr. Ken Blackledge Mr.Larry Neiswender
Mrs. Artie Johnson Mrs. Sandra Ray Mrs. Arliss Blackledge Mrs. Jane Neiswender

Additional Information

The Broom Tree Refuge is a registered 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. All donations to this ministry are tax deductible, and gratefully received.

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